7 Tips For Everything Related to Footwear You Must Know

Usually, we don’t tend to pay as much attention to our feet and footwear as we do for other aspects of our looks or appearance. However, believe it or not, your happy feet can totally uplift your mood and personality. Therefore, it's important that you take care of your feet and the footwear you wear with some simple yet effective tips. Here are some footwear ideas and care pack tips:

Smart storage: Once you buy a pair of shoes, these questions might pop up in your mind - “how to store shoes in storage?” or “how to pack shoes for storage?”. Storing your footwear can turn into a nightmare if not done right. Firstly, make sure you have a proper shoe rack or shoe shelves to store and that you’re not just keeping your shoes on the floor. Next, when you decide on a shoes rack or shelf, get the closed ones or the ones with doors. This would prevent your shoes from accumulating any dust or humidity that your footwear might face when in an open environment. If you are less in space, incorporate DIY footwear storage ideas like using Tupperware closed boxes to store your footwear under your furniture!
7 Tips for everything Related to Footwear you must know
No more stinky shoes: We all have come across stinky shoes whether ours or others. And yes we know, that stench is hard to forget and tolerate! The major issue why stink lingers in a shoe is the accumulation of moisture and we need to deal with this core problem to get rid of the stink. One of the easiest and natural ways to do that is to keep your shoes outside and let them dry out in strong sunshine (only if your weather allows it). Not everyone has the privilege of amazing sunshine throughout the year - for you, we have baking soda! Yes, that’s right - pour baking soda into the shoes and leave them overnight to absorb the moisture and the stink will dramatically reduce. You can even use lemon pee to keep these inside the shoes overnight to see amazing results. Prevention is better than cure and one of the best ways that have worked to prevent the moisture from accumulating is pouring talcum powder inside your shoes before you wear them.

Leather care: Taking care of your leather boots or shoes can be a herculean task. Salt stains are a common scene for leather footwear especially if you are walking on those during winter. So DIY footwear ideas can you apply to remove and prevent these salt stains and keep your leather footwear healthy in general? Use white vinegar to remove these salt stains easily. But make sure to do a general cleaning of the leather with a damp cloth before using the white vinegar. In fact, to keep your leather shiny and glossy, you can rub it with orange peel or lemon peel.
7 Tips for everything Related to Footwear you must know
Quickly dry out wet shoes: To quickly dry out wet shoes, insert newspapers inside the shoes and use a blow dryer to pass hot air to the shoes. The newspapers will absorb the moisture and the blow dryer will simultaneously help in the process. If you have enough time to dry out your shoes, stack up the inside of your shoes with newspapers and let those dry for a whole day under the sun - this will not only absorb the moisture but also kill any bacteria that might be inside.

Slippery soles? Try this out: Slippery shoes that too will heels can be a recipe for disaster! You can always use your DIY footwear ideas to create more friction and traction over the soles of your shoes to save your big fall. Use sandpaper to rub off the soles of your footwear to create your own grip. Because you deserve to wear the footwear you want and jazz it up with heels.
7 Tips for everything Related to Footwear you must knowFancy flats to the rescue: A classic case of a dilemma is to come up with beach wedding footwear ideas. You want to be fancy (after all it’s a wedding) and at the same time, need to walk over sand with beach vibes on. The best way to deal with this is to opt for flats or sandals with fancy touches like laces or Greek straps or even flowery themed. Stand out with lightly embellished sandals as bridal footwear ideas for beach weddings.
7 Tips for everything Related to Footwear you must know

DIY for winters: Winters can be crazy cold and being in style might be a tedious job with all the socks and warmers. One of the ways you can beat your feet from getting cold is by inserting wooly fabric inside your shoes to go under your feet. These act as awesome warmers without much fuzz or any outward show. So you can easily style up those Oxfords without the need for heavy woolen socks.

We have now got you covered with some basic tips to take care of your footwear. Now it’s time for you to put these into action and make your lives a little more comfortable. And don’t forget to check out our unique range of footwear with heavy discounts!