7 Furniture Ideas to Spruce Up Your Living Room

When someone visits you at your house, your living room is the first area that your guests get to witness. We want to believe it or not but sometimes the first impression can really be the last impression. Your living room provides the first impression to your guests about your house and your family. So why not put your attention to making it a place where everyone would love to sit and spend time with loved ones. 

In order to make your living room lively, quirky and interesting, we present you with some furniture ideas for the living room. Read on. 

  1. Go Experimental with the Coffee Table: Keeping the whole living room area minimalistic, you can make it stand out with a quirky or statement coffee table at the centre of the room. Whether a high-tech all-in-one coffee table or a classic wooden coffee table, choose your type to go with the aesthetic of the house. Make sure to keep it different to catch the attention of the guests and be the talk of the town (or the living room). Check out our special set of coffee tables (yes it’s a set) that can make a standalone appearance. 
    7 Furniture Ideas to Spruce up your Living Room
  2. Comfort First: Your living room is not just about it being beautiful or just about aesthetics. You are spending a good amount of time with your friends and family in the living. Whether you’re watching a movie or having a game night, it is all about quality time with your loved ones in the living room. This calls for one word - “comfort”. Yes, whatever activity you’re enjoying with your people in your living room, comfort comes first. 
    Furniture plays a major role in bringing that comfort factor into your living room. If you are spending most of your time in the living room with a bunch of people, you can add a lounge sofa instead of a regular sofa. This will let you be comfortable and you can take even a quick nap on it. If you love old-school furniture and being on your own, you should definitely go for a recliner chair as an addition to your living room. Grab that book and a cup of coffee and relax on your recliner chair. After all, your comfort matters more than anything. 

  3. Exude Your Personality: As we mentioned before, your living room is the mirror to your personality and designing it into the best version of yourself must be your priority. In order to achieve that, first identify what you would like others to perceive of you and your personality and what you would like to add to that. Are you someone who believes in the contemporary and minimalistic or someone who loves old school and vintage designs? Your furniture type and placement can play that role to showcase your personality through your living room. 
    If you love reading books and that is a big part of your life, you can always design your living room around a bookshelf. You love the 80s with a rustic look for your living room - get yourself the classic black leather chair and table set for your living room. Likewise, add to your living room what extends as your personality. 

  4. Add a Dash of Drama: We all love drama at some point, don’t we? Add to this guilty pleasure with quirky and statement living room furniture at your home. You can add a lavish entertainment set or a television cabinet to make a statement in your living room. Like people say, the television is where all the furniture should be pointed towards in a living room. Then why not add a TV cabinet? 
    If you are the kind who loves to add drama through aesthetics, go for floating wall shelves with amazing showpieces and maybe plants or creepers to add to it. Experiment with drama, because why not? 

  5. Keep it Tidy: Your house is your abode and keeping it neat and tidy should come first before anything else including aesthetics. Your living room shouldn’t just be eye-pleasing but hygienic and livable. To ensure that, some living room furniture should be added to the essentials list. A shoe rack to keep your shoes in a systematic and neat manner is a must. The same goes for keeping your coats and jackets well organised when you get inside the house with a sturdy coat rack. These kinds of furniture do not have to be boring but can also add to the design value of the living room. 

  6. Multi-utility Area: Your living room doesn’t always have to be exclusive for entertainment and leisure purposes. You can make your living room a multipurpose room by turning it into a home office during the day. DIY the room into your office with a portable laptop stand that you can easily roam around all the rooms. This is especially useful when you are living in a smaller space and love being cozy in the living room itself. 

  7. Spruce Up with a Corner Bar: Who doesn’t love a mini bar at their homes? A bar in the living room can create a lively atmosphere during get-togethers and home parties. The place for all the gossips and the heart-to-heart talks, mini bars at home have a significance we can never deny. Make this corner stylish, cozy and comfortable with sleek and sturdy bar stools to sit on. Add a style statement to your whole living room with these bar stools. 

Interesting furniture ideas in your living room can be a gamechanger for your whole house and your social dynamic. So get set and start investing in your favorite living room furniture now!